Blue Jackal Story | Moral Stories For Kids

 Long ago, there lived a cunning jackal. One day, driven by hunger, he strayed into a village in search of food. On seeing him, a pack of dogs ran after him. Terrified, he dashed into the house of a dye merchant and accidentally fell into a tub of blue dye. The jackal was stained blue from head to toe.

Later, when he got back to the jungle, all the animals stared at him in shock. They had never seen such a strange and beautiful animal before. Seeing everyone confused the jackal thought of an idea. He proclaimed that he was sent to rule over the animal kingdom and guard its animals. The animals believed it and proclaimed him as their king.

The jackal, as their king, then appointed the lion as his advisor, the tiger as his guardian, and the elephant as his doorkeeper. But, his work was not done. For the fear of being recognized, he drove all the jackals out of the forest. The new king, then, ordered his subjects to hunt for him and do his bidding. The animals used to bring all kinds of fruits and meat to him and the blue king lived a life of luxury.

One day, as the blue king was enjoying himself, a pack of jackals passed by and began howling. Unable to control his natural instinct, the blue king rose up and howled to glory. Hearing his cry, the jungle animals realized that they had been fooled. At once, they chased the traitor out of the forest and the cunning jackal never returned again.

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