Funny and Tricky Riddles For Kids in English with Answers

Funny and Clever Riddles For Kids in English with Answers 

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Q.  What word is spelled wrong in the dictionary? 

🅰  “Wrong”

Q.  Which letter of the alphabet has the most water?

🅰  The letter C.

Q.  What starts with the letter P, ends with the letter E and has thousands of letters?

🅰  The Post Office!

Q.  What kind of flowers are on your face?

🅰  Tulips (Two lips).

Q.  What begins with T, finishes with T and has T in it?

🅰  A teapot

Q.  What word begins and ends with an ‘e’ but only has one letter?

🅰  Envelope

Q.  How many letters are there in the English alphabet?

🅰  There are 18. Three in ‘the’, seven in ‘English’ and eight in ‘alphabet’.

Q.  What kind of tree fits in your hand?

🅰  A palm tree.

Q.  What is the longest word in the English language?

🅰  Smiles – Because there is a ‘mile’ between the two S’s.

Q.  Which word is the odd one out – Stun, Ton, Evil, Letter, Mood, Bad, Snap, Straw?

🅰  Letter. If you read them all backwards, letter is the only one that does not make another word.

Q.  You bury me when I´m alive, and dig me up only when I die, What am I?

🅰  A plant.

Q.  What four days of the week start with the letter T?

🅰  Tuesday, Thursday, today and tomorrow.

Q.  What occurs once in every minute, twice in every moment and never in a thousand years?

🅰  The letter M.

Q.  What occurs twice in a week, once in a year but never in a day?

🅰  The letter E.

Q.  My eye is dark,and my mane is yellow You may see me at the mart. and I’m probably taller than you, fellow. What am I?

🅰  A sunflower. 

Q.  Three eyes have I, all in a row; when the red one opens, all freeze like the snow. 

🅰  Traffic light

Q.   What gets wetter and wetter the more it dries? 

🅰   A towel

Q.   If you speak its name, you break it. What is it? 

🅰   Silence

Q.  I have a tail, and I have a head, but I have no body. I am NOT a snake. What am I?

🅰  A coin

Q.  How many months have 28 days?

🅰  All of them

Q.  What word becomes shorter when you add letters to it?

🅰  “Short”

Q.   What word begins with a T, ends with a T, and has a T in it?

🅰   A teapot

Q.  What word begins with an E, ends with an E, but has only one letter? 

🅰  An envelope

Q.   If a rooster sits on a roof facing north, which way will the egg roll? 

🅰  Roosters don’t lay eggs.

Q.  A cowboy arrived in town on Friday, stayed one night, then left on Friday. How is this possible?

🅰  The horse’s name is Friday

Q.  I give you two coins worth 15 cents. One of the coins is not a nickel. What coins did I give you? 

🅰  A dime and a nickel; one of the coins isn’t a nickel, but the other one is

Q.  The more there is, the less you see. What is it? 

🅰  Darkness

Q.  What belongs to you, but is used by everyone else? 

🅰  Your name

Q.  What building has the most stories in the world? 

🅰  The library

Q.  You see it once in June, three times in September and never in May. What is it? 

🅰  The letter E

Q.   What can fill a room but doesn’t take up space? 

🅰  Light

Q.  Where does Thursday come after Friday? 

🅰  The dictionary

Q.  Kira’s mother has three children. Their names are Huey, Dewey, and … ? 

🅰  Kira

Q.  What has thirteen hearts, but no other organs? 

🅰  A deck of cards


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