How To Increase a Child’s IQ Powerful Techniques

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Powerful Techniques to Increase  to Increase a Child’s IQ 

Parents usually stress how to develop your child’s intelligence. A child’s high IQ does not make them unique or provide them with the only chance for future success. Nevertheless, if everything else is equal, it is not only conceivable but also “wise” to maximize your child’s IQ. Have you ever wondered when a person’s IQ or degree of intelligence increases the most? It is the period between ages 1 and 5. With the correct training, it might be feasible to raise IQ levels.

You can read about how to increase a child’s IQ.

1. Reading can raise one’s verbal and linguistic aptitude.

A lifetime of literacy experience can be predicted by getting a head start on reading. In a study conducted by Professors Cunningham and Stanovich, it was discovered that students who started reading quickly were likelier to continue reading throughout their academic careers. The findings also showed that reading volume significantly influenced spelling, verbal fluency, vocabulary, and general knowledge. In conclusion, reading does increase your intelligence! Read to your young children daily to help them develop their vocabulary if they are just learning to speak and read. During your reading aloud to them, make a note of specific terms. Introduce concept stories to older kids to help them learn new words and develop their imagination. They gain a greater understanding of more abstract ideas as a result.

2. Spark Their Memory

This could be done through games or just by requesting that they recall. Don’t let them escape with the standard “I don’t know” response when you ask them about their day at school.

3. Exercise and learn math to increase fluid intelligence

Showing children actual square and rectangular objects around the house will help them understand the distinction between the two shapes. Please encourage them to see and handle the items to experience the differences.

Research also suggests that physical activity can enhance fluid intelligence and early exposure to math. It was discovered that some hormones released during exercise are good for the hippocampus, a part of the brain linked to memory and learning. Take your kids outside to play, run, and tumble around.

4. Engage in Sports

Wondering on how to boost a child’s brain? Playing any sport involves physical activity that causes the production of endorphins, which in turn enhances brain activity and function. Encourage your child to join a sport and interact to help him stick with it.

5. Allow them to solve issues and do it the difficult way.

Don’t strive to spare your children from suffering or make their lives easier than yours. Long-term, you’ll be doing a great disservice. Allow them to explore potential solutions independently and don’t correct them if they want to go about it the difficult way.

6. Develop your musical talent

Playing an instrument is a fantastic brain activity that immediately raises IQ levels by enhancing spatial and mathematical reasoning abilities. Using MRI scans, science has demonstrated that learning an instrument improves brain function. Give your youngster some time each week to study an instrument, such as a guitar, a small keyboard, a drum, or a tabla. The list is endless; you can get ideas from your child’s interests.


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