Keralapiravi | Kerala GK Questions and Answers | General Knowledge


1. First Spice Park in Kerala

Answer : Puttadi (Idukki)

2. First Zero Landless District in India

Answer : Kannur

3. Leader of Salt Sathyagraha in Kerala

Answer : K. Kelappan

4. Name of the Clean Sabarimala Project

Answer : Punyam Poomkavanam


5. Indian Institute of Mass Communication is situated at

Answer : Vijayapuram (Kottayam)

6. The first ISO certified police station in Kerala

Answer : Kozhikode Town Police Station

7. The cultural capital of Kasaragod

Answer : Nileshwaram

8. The first Rock Garden in kerala

Answer : Malampuzha

9. Matha Amrithanandamayi Ashram is situated in

Answer : Vallikavu (Kollam)

10. First professional football club in Kerala

Answer : F.C.Kochin

11. The first Butterfly Safari Park in Asia

Answer : Thenmala (Kollam)

12. First Labour Organization in Kerala

Answer  : Travancore Labour Association (1922, Alappuzha)

13. The biggest pass in kerala

Answer  :  Palakkad pass

14. First Tea Museum in India

Answer : Kannan Devan Tea Museum

15. Vasco Da Gama memorial is located at

Answer : Kappad

16. Mango city of Kerala

Answer : Muthalamada

17.  Muthanga Agitation took place on

Answer : 19 February 2003 (Muthanga village) (Wayanad District)

18. The place where Granite statute of lord Buddha(Karumadikkutan) found

Answer : Karumady (Alappuzha)

19. Appan Thampuran Memorial  is situated at

Answer : Ayyanthol

20. Wayanad pass is situated in

Answer : Kozhikode

21. The only drive-in beach in Kerala

Answer :  Muzhappilangadi Beach

22. Thalakkal Chandu Memorial is located at

Answer : Panamaram (Wayanad District)

23. The birth place of Kunjan Nambiar

Ans : Killikurussimangalam

24. Birth place of K.R.Narayanan

Answer : Uzhavoor (Kottayam)

25.  Chief Architect of Mullaperiyar Dam

Answer : John Penny Cuick

26. First Railway Line in Kerala

Answer: Tirur – Baypur (1861)

27. Architecture of Cochin Port

Answer : Robert Bristow

28. Headquarters of Sree Narayana Dharma Paripalana Yogam (SNDP)

Answer : Kollam  

29. Kozhikode International Airport is situated at

Answer: Karipur (Malappuram)

30. Founder’s of Kerala Kalamandalam                    

Answer : Vallathol Narayana Menon and Mukunda Raja

31. Southern most fresh water lake in Kerala

Answer : Vellayani

32. Old name of Sultan Bathery

Answer : Ganapathivattom

33. First Baby friendly Panchayath in Kerala

Answer : Nedumbassery

34. First Hanging Bridge in Kerala

Answer : Punalur Bridge

35. First rubberised road in Kerala

Answer : Kottayam-Kumily Road

36. The smallest river in kerala

Answer :Manjeswaram Puzha (Kasargod)

37. Tirunelli Maha Vishnu temple is situated in

Answer : Wayanad

38. Kerala’s only one Lion Safari Park is situated at

Answer : Neyyardam (Marakunnam Island)

39. First Fully Computerized Panchayath in Kerala

Answer : Vellanad

40. Central University of Kerala is situated in

Answer : Naimarmoola (Kasargod)

41. The first Akhila Kerala Congress summit is held at

Answer : Ottapalam

42. Endosulfan destroyed villages in Kasargod

Answer : Swarga and Pedra

43. The book “Jeevadayani” is written by

Answer : Leela Kumari Amma

44. First Post Office of Kerala was established at

Answer : Alappuzha (1857)

45. First film studio in Kerala

Answer : Udaya

46. The first Naphtha based Thermal power plant of Kerala is situated in

Answer : Kayamkulam.

47. Headquarters of Palakkad Railway Division

Answer : Olavakkode

48.  Kanthalloor sala was known as

Answer : Dakshina Nalanda (Nalenda of the South)

49.First Gramma Panchayath to receive  Swaraj Trophy

Answer : Kanjikuzhy

50. Edakkal Cave is situated in

Answer : Ambukuthi Mala

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