Never Ever Give up Speech For Students


Some people say that there exist two types of people in this world: successful and failure. But I say there exists only one type of people and that is only successful person. I think there is no person who is a failure.

Every man is successful in their life more or less. We all try with our heart and soul to do any work. But in that work everyone is trying to win. So, everyone of course will not be the winner. Someone has to fail. Unfortunately, one person wins and the other one fails. The person who fails is not actually a failure. He is also the winner. This time he failed. But the next time he will succeed. If he tries one day he will surely win. But before winning he has failed several times. So, can we say that he is actually a failure? No, of course not. This failing was some steps to the success. This failing is just a part of his success. So, failing is a part and parcel of our life. If a person fails that doesn’t means that he is a failure or a loser. Rather this means that he is the winner of the future. The one who fails several times doesn’t actually fail. He just finds several ways that doesn’t work. Then why he will be known as a failure? So, if we fail this doesn’t mean that I will not be able to succeed. This means that I will succeed next time.

We have to remember one thing that to succeed without trying is not good. But to try and fail is better. The opportunity, the situation, the time to succeed will not create automatically for us. We have to create these for us. If we fail in any work, we have to do it in any other way through which we can do the work properly. But we cannot give up. We have to think differently. We have to look from any other angle. We have to prevent it so that we don’t do the work in the same way in future and fail the same way.

For example, if I was walking on the road and didn’t realize that there was a banana trash on it. Suddenly, I slipped and fell. The next day, I put the trash off the road so that I wouldn’t fall ever again. I have to realize the reason for my fail and then I have to find another way to succeed. Giving up will not make a failure successful. It will not solve all the problems. If a man really wants to succeed then he has to try several times. Why do we give up? If we give up then our life will be a waste. We have to believe that we can do everything we want. We are the best. Today I am a failure but one day I surely will be a successful man. Today I am running after the success. But one day success will run after me. Giving up is just a waste. We have to keep this in mind. There can be found no person who gave up and become successful in his life. But there can be found a lot of people who tried, tried and tried but didn’t give up, became successful one day. With the hope we can go far. We have to always keep this in mind one day we can go away more. Today somebody else is ruling the world but one day we have to rule the world. So, we cannot give up this way. We have to rise and show the world; prove the world our real, true identity, what we are. One day we will rule the world. We have to be prepared. Giving up doesn’t make any sense. Rather it just a waste of our life. Then why… why do we give up? Let’s ask this question to ourselves when we give up. Is it good to give up; is it important to give up? We all have to fail yesterday, today or tomorrow. But this doesn’t mean that we will not be able to succeed. If we try, success will come to us and beg to us. Success will knock at our door and will cry to accept the success.

The only thing we have to do is don’t ever give up as long as we are alive. We cannot give up. We were not born to give up. We have to be successful and we will be successful because we were born to succeed.

here are five reasons why you should never, ever give up on a goal that is important to you.

1. Life isn’t about talk; it’s about commitment. A dream isn’t worth anything until you try to put it into practice. When you dedicate yourself to your dream, whatever it may be, you find yourself at the intersection of perception and reality. This idea has probably existed in your mind for years, taking on a particular shape and existing entirely as a function of your own imagination. Now, when you put it to the test, it’s time to get real. It’s time to give birth to the idea and fully commit to nurturing that dream the same way you would nurture a child.

2. Resilience and adaptation are the keys to a vibrant life and healthy mind. When you are trying to manifest any idea, there will be setbacks, failures and disappointments. Newsflash: Setbacks, failures and disappointments are good for you! They are the best education you can get, as they teach you to adapt. Giving up is like dropping out of school; you miss out on critical experiences and important lessons, and do not learn the enormous value of failure.

3. Quitting can become a habit. If you give up on the things that matter most to you, you will likely establish a pattern of giving up on anything when things don’t go the way you hoped. You will not learn the importance of persistence — and anything worthwhile requires persistence.

4. Values are the most important thing. Persisting with goals that are important to you means placing most significance on your values, rather than convenience or expedience. Hopefully, you wouldn’t ever give up on your values, and you wouldn’t give up on the ideas that reflect those values.

5. Self-belief is everything. Giving up on your important goals is tantamount to giving up on yourself. You are a unique person with your own gifts and talents and no one will invest in them more than you. Perhaps millions of people have had the same goals and dreams as you, but everyone manifests these aspirations differently — and uniquely.

So what does never giving up really mean? It means believing in yourself. It means willingness to accept “failure” so you can learn the critical skill of adaptation. It means not compromising on your most important values, and walking the walk, rather than just talking the talk. It means living the life you want and are passionate about.


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