School Prayer and Song | Lyrical School Prayer And School Song

School Prayer and Song | Lyrical School Prayer And School Song


The School Prayer


Almighty God,

We thank you for the gift of another new day.

Bless the ruler of this land and his family.

Bless us, our parents and our teachers.

Help us all, this day, to bring help to others,

credit to ourselves and glory to our school.

Give each one of us the strength suited to our tasks,

the humility to admit our mistakes and

the courage to make new beginnings.

And so, when we lay ourselves to sleep tonight,

may it be with the knowledge of

a day well spent.


The School Song


Hail to our school

Our Own Indian School

Like a gentle star

Leading with care and love

Show us the way, give us Thy light

To be loyal and right.

Blessings from Thee, we implore

Guarded, in the warmth of Thy Love

Teach us Thy golden motto we pray


Peace, love and truth

We OOIS will spread

As a beacon of light

A star shining bright

Hail, Hail, Alma Mater,

Ever may Thy banner fly high

To be loyal and true

We pledge as we sing


Our motto divine.





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