Speech on Republic Day (26th January) for School Students


A very Good Morning to all of you. Respected Chief guests, Principal Sir / Madam, Teachers, Seniors, Juniors and my dear Friends.  All we know that today we gathered here to celebrate Republic Day. I feel very blessed that I got an opportunity to speak something about Republic day.

January 26, 1950, is the glorious day for every Indian. It is the day when India became a sovereign democratic republic. On behalf of the people of India, our President, the first citizen of the country gave his assent to the newly prepared constitution. Since this day, our administration has been going on as per the provisions of the Constitution. January 26 has been a memorable day in the columns of Indian history. This has been observed all over the country with much pomp and grandeur.

This day has got its importance in the annals of Indian history. During the British rule, when the freedom struggle was going on, our leader Mahatma Gandhi moved a resolution at the Lahore Conference of the Indian National Congress in December that we will fight for complete freedom. The National Congress accepted this historic proposal and also decided to observe 26th January 1930 as the day of complete freedom all over India. This decision was aimed at dealing a mortal blow to the British government. Since then, 26th January had been observed all over the country as the day of complete freedom.

After the end of the 2nd World War when the new Labour Government assumed power in England, they decided to give India her freedom. India got her long-cherished dream fulfilled. She achieved her independence on 15th August 1947. But it was not the complete independence. She had no Constitution of her own. She had to follow the British Act of 1935 for her administration. The Constituent Assembly of India had been set up to frame the Constitution for the free nation. It had not completed the work by the time we got our independence. However, it was able to submit the new Constitution to the Government on 26th November 1949. But we were not in a hurry to introduce it. We waited until the historic day of 26th January dawned.

Before our independence, we had been observing it as the day of complete freedom. So, on this auspicious day, our new Constitution came into force, and India became the Sovereign Democratic Republic. This is the background why the day has got its importance for us. The country which follows her independent policy in the internal administration end foreign relations said to the sovereign, since 26th January 1950, the external affairs. Besides, India became a democratic country since this day. As per the provision of the Constitution, the people of India got the right by way of adult franchise to choose their representatives who were given sovereign power to make legislation for the country. With this, the process of general election started in the country.

A State can be considered a republic when the man to the highest office of her administrative set up gets elected. The new Constitution made provision for the election of the President, the topmost person in the State administration, So, these are the reasons why 26 January has been observed as the Republic Day all over the country every year.

This national day makes us conscious of our greater responsibilities. The cool morning breeze sings to us in silence the voice of unity, solidarity, patriotism. It whispers to us that we are all the children of Mother India, So, we should forget our differences and love this country, build up our national character, make ourselves aware of the burning problems of the country is facing, and stand united to find out the ways and means to solve them.


Jai Hind, Jai Bharat







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