Unity is Strength | Moral Stories For Kids

Once upon a time, there was a flight of doves that flew in search of food led by their king. One day, after flying for a long distance and they were feeling very tired. The dove king encouraged them to fly a little further. The smallest dove picked up speed and found some rice scattered beneath a banyan tree. So, all of them landed on the ground and began to eat.

Suddenly a net fell over them, and they were all trapped. They saw a hunter was approaching them, and he was carrying a huge club. The doves desperately fluttered their wings trying to get out, but they could not. The king had an idea. He advised all doves to fly up together carrying the net with them. He said that there was strength in unity.

Each dove picked up a portion of the net and together they flew off carrying the net with them. The hunter looked up in astonishment. He tried to follow them, but they were flying high over hills and valleys. They flew to a hill near a city of temples where lived a mouse who could help them. He was a faithful friend of the dove king.

When the mouse heard the loud noise of their approach, he went into hiding. The dove king gently called out to him, and then the mouse was happy to see him. The dove king explained that they were caught in a trap and they needed the help of the mouse to gnaw the net with his teeth and set them free.

The mouse cut the net and one by one all the doves were free. They all thanked the mouse and flew away together.

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