Independence Day Short Speech In English For School Students

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Good morning to all my respected teachers, parents and dear friends. Today we have gathered here to celebrate this great national event. As we all know that Independence day is an auspicious occasion for all of us. India’s Independence Day is the most important day to all the Indian citizens and has been mentioned forever in the history. It is the day when we got freedom from the British rule after many years of hard struggle by the great freedom fighters of India. We celebrate independence day every year on 15th of August to remember the first day of freedom of India as well as remember all the sacrifices of the great leaders who have sacrificed their lives in getting freedom for India.

India got independence on 15th of August in 1947 from the British rule. After independence we got our all the fundamental rights in our own Nation, our Motherland. We all should feel proud to be an Indian and admire our fortune that we took birth on the land of an Independent India. History of slave India reveals everything that how our ancestors and forefathers had worked hard and suffered all the brutal behavior of Britishers. We cannot imagine by sitting here that how hard the independence was for India from the British rule. It took sacrifices of lives of many freedom fighters and several decades of struggle from 1857 to 1947. An Indian soldier (Mangal Pandey) in the British force had first raised his voice against Britishers for the independence of India.

Later several great freedom fighters had struggled and spent their whole life only for getting freedom. We can never forget the sacrifices of the Bhagat Singh, Khudi Ram Bose and Chandra Sekhar Azad who had lost their lives in their early age just for fighting for their country. How can we ignore all the struggles of Netaji and Gandhiji. Gandhiji was a great Indian personalities who taught Indians a big lesson of non-violence. He was the one and only who lead India to get freedom with the help of non-violence. Finally the result of long years of struggle came in front on 15th of August 1947 when India got freedom.


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